Privacy Policy

The Apitor Privacy Policy was updated on 26 April 2019.

This Privacy Policy explains what information will be collected by Apitor Technology Co., Ltd. when you access our website, software, applications, products or related services (collectively, the "Service") and how such information will be used. We solemnly commit to the protection of your privacy, including the information that we collect either intentionally or automatically. Please be advised that we would never aim at spamming you, harming your confidentiality or sharing your personal information with third parties without your prior consent. In parallel, each time you use our Service you are knowingly accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

1. Types of Information We Collect

We might collect personal information that you provide us, as well as location-based information and site visitorship data as described below:

Transaction Information You Provide to Us

In order to fully benefit from our services, you may be asked to provide personally identifiable information about you that would enable us to contact you directly. Personally identifiable information includes your e-mail address, name, postal/mailing address, telephone numbers or persistent identifier (such as a customer number held in a cookie) which is associated with personally identifiable information.

provide you with specific information that you demand. To safeguard your privacy, we will deploy steps to validate your identity, such as requiring a password and username, before granting access to your data.

Location-Based Information

We may collect information relating to your general location based on information you willingly provide to us and on the IP address of your computer. We may also be able to detect when your terminal device is activated. We may collect data to verify the information you provide manually and associate it with location-based information for our internal use and to improve your user experience.

Visitorship Data

Site visitorship data is totally anonymous information about the way our website is functioning. We use anonymous data regarding users' behavior to better understand how people access to our brand. These analytics funnel to reports that we may share with third party marketing partners and affiliates. The kind of information we may collect includes:

•The date and time you access our platform ;
•Your internet service provider, mobile carrier, or data services provider;
•Your Internet Protocol (IP) address;
•The pages you visit;
•The links you click;
•How and when you interact with the services;
•The content, images and advertisements you select.

Some web browsers have a "Do Not Track" feature, which allows you to tell web sites you visit that you do not want to have your online activity tracked. Our web site is not currently set up to respond to those signals.

2. How We Share Your Personal Information

The principal data controller will be Apitor Technology Co., Ltd. Other subsidiaries of Apitor Technology Co., Ltd. may also have access to your information where they deliver services on behalf of us. Unless prohibited under applicable law, we detail below how we intend to use your information:
•Provide you with the products and services you request.
• Communicate with you about your account or transactions with us and send you information about features on our sites and applications or changes to our policies.
• Send you newsletters if you sign up to receive them.
• Detect, investigate and prevent activities that may violate our policies or be illegal.
We will not divulge any personally identifiable information to third parties without your prior consent.
In case of a merger, acquisition or any other business transaction, customer information will most likely be part of the assets transferred. However, it remains our responsibility to seek reasonable protection for information in these types of transactions and you will be notified of any change of ownership or control via e-mail or on our website.

3. Protection of Your Personal Information

Apitor Technology Co., Ltd.  use industry-standard security techniques to help protect the personal information that we collect from you on the website. While we may provide encryption technologies and use other reasonable precautions to protect confidential information and provide reliable.

4. Opt-Out Rights

As you decide to engage with us, we may from time to time opt to include you in our mailing lists to deliver information about our products, updates and one-to-one discussions with our support team.

Nevertheless, you still have the full right and freedom to stop interacting with us and stop receiving news feeds from us. To do so, select the "opt out" option or "unsubscribe" button available at any communication channel that we use to reach you.

5.Children's Privacy Policy

Apitor insists on securing the privacy of children who use our sites and platforms. This Children's Privacy Policy depicts our information collection, disclosure, and parental consent practices in regards to information provided by children who are under the age of 13 ("child" or "children").


Children have the possibility to register to our sites and applications and view content, create programs, and engage in specialfeatures of the Apitor product. During the registration procedure, children are asked to enter their birthdates to sign up. It happens that children who are 12 years old and under are required to provide a parent or a guardian's email address so that the adult can create a username and password for those children. We highly suggest for adults not to provide any personal information about children in their usernames. In parallel, we will not require information that goes beyond what is just necessary to log in.

If your child is 12 years old or under and you suspect him or her of attempting to use our platform, and have not received a notice from us to seek your consent as a parent or guardian, please feel free to contact us at

Content Generated by children

Children are allowed to create content and save it. Examples of created content that may include personal information are programs, images, videos,comments and posts. It is possible that the parent rejects the content generated by the child, and decides to keep it private between them both. Otherwise, it will be sent to Apitor administrators of the Apitor Robot platform, who can moderate it before it is publicly posted.Apitor administrators have the sole right to reject any content that is inappropriate for the following reasons:

•Sexual content that contains graphic sexual activity or nudity.

•Aggressive content that promotes violence causing physical harm to humans and/or animals.

•Hateful or abusive content that incites hatred against protected groups, minorities or even individual people.

•Children abuse content that includes sexual, predatory or abusive communications towards minors.

•Spam or misleading content that is massively posted or otherwise misleading in nature.

•Intellectually dishonest content that violates Apitor's agreements such as Apitor's intellectual property rights and/or privacy policy and terms of use.

About Verifiable Instructor's Consent

In the event Apitor wishes to collect personal information from a child, the Children Online Privacy Policy Act (hereafter "COPPA") requires that we first seek a parent or guardian's consent by email. In the email we will explain what information we are collecting and how we plan to use it or revoke it. We shall completely delete the instructor's contact information if we do not receive parental consent within a reasonable time.

In the case of school-based activities, COPPA allows teachers and school administrators to act in lieu of parents or guardians unless they notify these latter of such activity in order to obtain their consent. Schools should in general always notify parents about these activities.

Contests and Sweepstakes

For contests and sweepstakes, we only require the information necessary for a child to participate, such as username and instructor's email address (to notify the parent where to lawfully abide). We only contact the parent and/or guardian for more personal information when the child wins the contest or the sweepstake.

On this occasion, and in order to be more responsive with the child, Apitor may need to ask for the child's email address. Apitor will delete this information immediately after responding to the question or request.

Email Notifications
Email notifications are sent for vital communication with users, exclusively to parents and/or guardians and children who are 13 or older. When children interact with us, certain information such as web browser, computer operating system and IP address may automatically be collected to make our sites and applications more interesting and useful.
These information are collected by Apitor or third parties using technologies such as cookies, flash cookies and other unique identifiers for internal purposes only, in order to:
• Provide children with access to features on service.
• Customize content and improve our service.
• Conduct research and reporting in order to analyze our service's performance.
In the event we collect (or allow others to collect) such information from children on our platforms for other purposes, we will certainly notify parents or guardians prior to such collection.
When Information Collected from Children is Available to Others In addition to those situations where a child's personal information is posted publicly (after securing parental consent), we also may share or disclose personal information collected from children in these limited instances:
•We may share information with our bulletin board solution if it is necessary for them to support functions for us.
•We may disclose personal information if required by law, for example, in response to a court order or a subpoena. To the extent that is permitted by applicable law, we also may disclose personal information collected from children in response to a law enforcement or public agency's request; if we believe disclosure may prevent the instigation of a crime, and finally to protect the security or integrity of our platforms.
Instructor's Choices and Controls
At any time, parents or guardians can change a child's password, username, user avatar image or delete their account, suppressing access to the Apitor Robot platform for that child. Deleting an account would result into the immediate suppression of any publicly posted content. If there is an issue with editing or removing child information, please contact for assistance.

6. China Privacy Laws

Our privacy policies abide by the local regulation where the headquarters are established. The essence of this regulation is found in various PRC laws, regulations, and non-binding standards which include data privacy provisions here listed:

· The Several Provisions on Regulating the Internet Information Service Market Order (effective since March 15th, 2012) issued by the Ministry of Information and Internet Technology (MIIT), which is charged with regulating data privacy online.

Currently in China, personal information, as referred to in the abovementioned PRC regulations covering data protection, is defined in broad terms as any identifying information. Or, to be more precise, the rules define it as "any information associated with a user, which, either independently or when combined with other information, is able to identify such user."

7. Updates to Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of April 26, 2019. We reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time. If we change it, we will post the then-current Privacy Policy on our website. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective as of the day they are posted. From this it follows that it would be prudent to review this regularly yourself as your continued usage of our products and services after changes mean you agree to be legally bound by these terms as they are updated and/or amended.

8. Contacting us

If you have any remaining questions about how we treat your privacy, just let us know. You can contact us by writing to us at